Happy End of February 2022 and Start of March 2022!

Happy End of February 2022 and Start of March 2022!

Happy end of February 2022 and start of March 2022 🙂, wish everyone is well and safe in this ever changing world.

Re - defining high - end music system starting today with https://uitaudio.com

Learn how Bob Levi from Positive Feedback thought about Unique Innovation Technology Co. Perfect Music Purifier (PMP) Series and how it can be one of best interconnects to consider under $2000 per meter category*. The article is published on Positive Feedback Issue 92.
"The Unique Innovation Technology Perfect Music Purifier (PMP) Interconnect Series has taken connectivity in the under $2000 per meter category to a new supreme level, maybe even to the highest level. I will leave that conclusion to you, dear reader, to decide, but if you were considering any interconnects up to that cost, the UIT are your first and last option, in my judgement. "


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