Happy Mother's Day 2022

Happy Mother's Day 2022


Happy May 2022 🙂, wish everyone is well and had a great Mother's Day.

Enjoying improving to existing high - end mobile audio setup with https://uitaudio.com today.

Learn how Bob Levi from Positive Feedback thought about Unique Innovation Technology Co. Perfect Music Purifier (PMP) Series and how it can be a great addition to existing high - end mobile audio setup. The article is published on Positive Feedback Issue 95.

"One last observation. Use the 422H with the UIT Audio headphone cable with built in PMP module and get a full 10% improvement in every parameter of the 422's performance. Even definition and clarity, at all frequencies, is sharper and enhanced. Backgrounds are noticeably quieter. This is a great combo and a terrific and useful accessory for all the single-ended headphones in my collection."



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