Introducing Perfect Music Booster (PMB) Series

Introducing Perfect Music Booster (PMB) Series

Unique Innovation Technology Co. (UIT) is proud to announce our new Perfect Music Booster (PMB) product line. It utilized years of research/experiences/feedback from our previous generation Perfect Music Purifier (PMP) product line. 

Perfect Music Booster (PMB) is a unique and innovative electronic circuit module designed to improve the music performance characteristics of the entire Hi-End audio system. In order to achieve the best effect, it is welded with pure silver wires by hand.

Perfect Music Booster (PMB) contains Active Parts circuit designed to amplify the music signal purification. It is different from its predecessor Perfect Music Purifier(PMP), which contains a passive parts circuit designed only to purify music signals. PMB’s amplify circuit design not only amplifies the signal quality but also amplifies the PMP’s purifying effect. This resulted in a better music experience compared to its predecessor.

PMB will provide very low resistance and a wide clean music signal loop once it is injected into a music system. Most music signals in the system will prefer such a loop compared to previous loops (that may have higher resistance, some noise, and crosstalk).

This new loop provides the following benefits:

  1. Reduce Music signal circuit resistance and improve the entire system’s signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio.
  2. Reduce left and right music channels’ crosstalk

The combination of effects makes a music experience warmer and more listenable: crystal clearer high-pitch, stronger low-pitch, and the soundstage became wider and deep. 

This brings the digital streaming music system more like analog and the analog music system soundstage became wider and deep more like in the real music hall.

Unique Innovation Technology Co. (UIT) will release two products based on this new USB Perfect Music Booster (USB-PMB)  product line: Perfect Music Booster (PMB) Stick and Perfect Music Booster (PMB) USB Cable. 

More detail can be found in Perfect Music Booster (PMB) Series overview page.




Unique Innovation Technology Co. Team


* It is a USB 2 spec-based product/cable and does not support all USB 3/4 or Thunderbolt specifications. So it may not be able to replace all USB setups (i.e. power cords or video delivery).

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