PMB-USB - Perfect Music Booster USB Product Review

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Please note the review here incorporated the previous generation of USB products (based on Perfect Music Purifier (PMP) technology).

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The 20th Annual Positive Feedback Writers Choice Award for 2023 for Unique Innovation Technology Perfect Music Booster (PMB) Series. PMB USB cable and PMB Stick

"Well folks, UITaudio becomes the first cable manufacturer (located in California) to produce an active self-powered USB cable that not only works well but improves on every USB cable I have auditioned to date. The Stick, as I call it, increases the overall definition in every system I tried it in, lowering the noise level, and improving musicality overall."

- Editors at Positive Feedback (for Full Article Content)

- Bob Levi, Senior Associate Editor at Large, Positive Feedback (for Sections on UIT) 



Unique Innovation Technology Co. (UIT) Perfect Music Booster (PMB) Series

"The Unique Innovation Technology UIT Perfect Music Booster USB Cable and Stick are extraordinary. The new UIT PMB USB Cable is the best I know of on the market today. The Stick is an effective enhancement to clean AC power and enhance both analog and digital musical definition of a high-end system. My highest recommendation...get them both before the price doubles."

- Bob Levi, Senior Associate Editor at Large, Positive Feedback 



Unique Innovation Technology Perfect Music Purifier USB Digital Cable

"Tiny because—despite its price—it has bested my best reference brands for high definition, lack of fatigue, ultra-low distortion, big soundstaging, superb imaging, and analog-like musical presentation. No, granted, we did not have every brand in the world to compare, and yes, there may be more expensive better cables to come, but for the here-and-now, the UIT is king of the hill, and unusually affordable, too!"

- Bob Levi, Senior Associate Editor at Large, Positive Feedback 



ALT-USB: Cables Curious, Unique, Magic, and Lush

"After the 100+ hours burn-in, it was tonally balanced, and particularly detailed and articulate from top to bottom, with truly excellent PRaT, dynamics, ambience, and spatial presentation with the Valvet and the Spatial M4s. For me, articulation is a combination of resolution, tonality, and clean transient attack, and the UIT excels at all three. Having used several Kimber Kables over the years, I knew how alive and dynamic an unshielded braided conductor can sound. The braided UIT USB contributed particularly expressive vocal / instrumental micro-dynamics to the mix—I presume the noise reduction technology of the module also has a lot to do with the open, transparent, "blacker black between the notes" result."

- Bruce Kinch, Reviewer, Positive Feedback 



PrimaLuna EVO 100 Tube DAC - Premier Review

"Their interconnects, power cord, and USB cable...all sold directly with a money-back trial period...better fit the price range of the EVO 100, and give you outstanding connectivity performance. How good you ask? I use all of these cables interchangeably to extract the best sound quality possible for the system setup."

- Bob Levi, Senior Associate Editor at Large, Positive Feedback