PMP - Perfect Music Purifier for Headphone Product Review

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Audeze LCD-5 Flagship Planar Headphones

"After trying a number of other manufacturers' cables, I found one brand that yielded more definition without any downside sonic problems. As an added bonus, they were not very expensive. They are the headphone cables, designed with a built-in filter eliminating EMI and RFI distortion. They are silver-clad copper, and are a significant enhancement to the LCD-5's ability to perform their best. "

- Bob Levi, Senior Associate Editor at Large, Positive Feedback 



ESS 252 Dynamic Headphones and ESS 422H Heil AMT/Moving Coil Hybrid Headphones: A World Premier Review!

"One last observation. Use the 422H with the UIT Audio headphone cable with built in PMP module and get a full 10% improvement in every parameter of the 422's performance. Even definition and clarity, at all frequencies, is sharper and enhanced. Backgrounds are noticeably quieter. This is a great combo and a terrific and useful accessory for all the single-ended headphones in my collection."

- Bob Levi, Senior Associate Editor at Large, Positive Feedback 



UITaudio PMP-354P Music Purifier Impressions And Review - Expatinjapan

"I found that the UITaudio did perform as promised"

- expatianjapn, Head Pie



"if you have a top flight portable setup and you are looking for that last “tweak” to put you over the top, I strongly suggest you look into UIT’s music clarifiers"